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PBBC-ONLINE is now able to provide free email accounts as part of our service to our members & their familys. You can access your free email account via a browser from any computer in the world using our webmail client. You don't pay any subscription to access your free email account.

As long as someone else hasn't chosen the username, you can have any free email address you like @pbbc-online.org. Click to view currently used email addresses.

To get your yourname@pbbc-online.org email address, fill out the simple form below and click submit. Please allow at least one day for your account to be created and ready for you to use. You will be emailed all the set-up information, so you must provide a valid email address.

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    • @pbbc-online.org email address are reserved for our members, their family and friends.
      Please provide the necessary information so we can verify that you are in someway associated with our church.

How to Check Your Webmail

To use Webmail go to:

http://webmail.bravenet.com or click the Check Webmail in the main menu on any pbbc-online page.

Enter your full email address (* e.g. me@pbbc-online.org) and password, and you can access your email from any computer!

Checking Your Mail using an Email Program

In order to read mail in a mailbox, you need to create an account in your email program. Many people use Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express for this purpose; other email programs are available as well.

In your Email program setup you will need to define two different settings:

1. Your POP3 (also called incoming email) server settings:
Use this information to set up your POP3 server in your email program:
Incoming mail (POP3): pop3.pbbc-online.org
User or Account Name: The mailbox email address you wish to use*
Password: The password you set for the address
* e.g. me@pbbc-online.org
 Remember, this only works for mailbox addresses.
2. Your SMTP (also called outgoing email) server settings:

PBBC-ONLINE does not provide SMTP servers. Use the SMTP server settings provided by your current Internet Provider. (The same ones you use to check your email now) Mail sent to you will be handled by PBBC-ONLINE, mail you send out will be handled by your Internet Provider.

To have your outgoing email addressed from your PBBC-ONLINE account, set the 'reply-to' address in your email program to show the email address you want to use.